Welcome to Arx Mortis,
a Haunted Experience.

Arx Mortis is NOT your mom and dad’s haunted house!
Arx Mortis is now the LARGEST and most intense Haunted Attraction in the South!
Covington Clinic and Miner's Hill have been COMBINED. As always, the Mortis
Legion has revamped the haunt to this year's attraction bigger and better than
ever before

The attraction is now both indoor and outdoor, and this year the Mortis Legion
has worked hard and devoted special attention to making sure 2013 is the most
intense year yet!

Arx Mortis really is a COMPLETELY diffrent haunt from start to finish. We like
to think of it as more of a haunted experience than just an attraction and to
that end we have been hard at work creating new and twisted places for you to
enjoy. And as always we have made every effort to bring you the best haunted
entertainment possible, incorporating professional animatronics, actors, make-up
and sets!

We know everyone’s time is precious and we strive to move the crowds
quickly into and through the haunt, but long waits are an inevitability with
this type of entertainment. What we will not do is sacrifice the show just to
squeeze a few more people through!

That being said, we have made every effort to make your wait as pleasurable as
possible. Arx Mortis uses a “group” system to get you into the haunt,
instead of making you wait in one huge line (that you can’t leave for fear
of losing your spot!). After purchasing your ticket, the group system leaves you
free to roam about and enjoy our expanded waiting area, concessions, and gift shop
until your group has been called up to the queue line. We have a
warning signal that can be heard throughout our facility, alerting our guests
that we are about to call up the next group - so just enjoy yourself and relax
while you wait.

This year we decided the scares should start as soon as you get here!
We set the mood from the moment you walk into our waiting area till the moment
you get back into your car. From haunted themed sets in our waiting area to crowd
roving actors sneaking up behind you while you wait, we want to keep you entertained
the duration of your visit with us...so be prepared because fear finds us all!

The Arx Mortis Gift Shop, Keeper’s Korner, is located in the front of
the building, and will be selling Arx Mortis themed items, T-shirts, and a variety
of other horror paraphernalia.

Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat from the Killing Town Pizza!
Whatís on the menu: Papa Johnís pizza, Hot Dogs, Popcorn, Hot Chocolate, and Soft
Drinks each night from 7pm till close
daily from open ‘til close.

As you enter the waiting area, be sure to stop and have your photo taken in front
of Arx Mortis themed sets by our professional photographers. There is no obligation to
purchase your photos. As you are exiting the attraction, sure to stop by the photo
processing booth to view your picture.