Coming to you NEW in October 2011, Arx Mortis now brings you the South’s most intense OUTDOOR attraction – Miner’s Hill.

Arx Mortis has taken over Killing Town ….and the only escape is through Miner’s Hill – a small mining community deep in the woods North of Killing Town. The trail is approximately ½ mile long and may take up to 40 minutes to complete. You’ll experience Hollywood style sets, and extreme live actors that will push the limits of reality for those who seek escape through the trail.

As you meander through the backwoods of Killing Town, the trail will take you through a mining town, hillbilly homesteads, 1940’s style freak show, and more. Victims, I mean VISITORS, will face their deepest fears - from zombie-like hillbillies to clowns with chainsaws.

This attraction is a self guided tour, and was built with the same emphasis on quality sets and acting as the original Arx Mortis attraction, Covington Clinic.

CAUTION: There are NO early out exits in Miner’s Hill. Once you start the Miner’s Hill experience, there’s no going back.

This attraction is also rated PG 13 for extreme disturbing atmosphere, gore, and intensity.

This event is subject to temporary closure due to weather.