opening back

fall 2024


As of 2023, you no longer have to wait in long lines! Once you exit the ticket center you will enter FRIGHT TOWN our NEW entertainment midway.

FRIGHT TOWN is filled with entertainment, scareactors, photo-ops, Zombie Outbreak Gellyball, Escape Room, specialty food, drinks and more to enjoy until your color group is called to enter the LEGENDARY Haunted Houses.

Featuring 5 Terrifying Tales

The Book of Nine has been unearthed. Its ancient pages laden with dark secrets and whispered horrors. Within its confines, five haunting narratives await. As you immerse yourself in each tale, you are drawn deeper challenging you to confront your deepest fears with every turn of the page.

Sir Cecil's BIG TOP

As trees block the light and darkness descends over the woods, you’ll start to notice something strange. The rustling of footsteps, glimpses of bright lights, and perhaps a maniacal scream of laughter... twisted vagabonds, society's misfits, nature's rejects, the creators of the grotesque Burlesque. Welcome you to Sir Cecil’s World Famous Big Top.

Covington Clinic

Covington Clinic established in 1950, a well known medical center under the supervision of Dr. Abram was recently shut down for unknown reasons. Some believe dangerous experimental methods were being performed on the patients that most often ended in their death. Rumors are circulating that it may be operating once again. The doctor will see you now.


Cell block 9 holds some of the worst criminals to be found in Killen. Haunted by their crimes, and the prison itself, they have been driven to madness. During a riot, the prisoners murdered the guards and have taken over the whole prison. Fortunately, the Warden survived, and should keep you safe... If he hasn’t succumbed to the madness too.

Deadwater Bayou

Long ago, a woman traveled up from Louisiana to Killen and made her home in the swamps. The townspeople began to notice the foul odors and blood trails leading from their land to her home. After many bodies were found mutilated near her cabin, they captured and dragged the witch further into the swamp and tossed her in with the alligators to meet her fate.  Unbeknownst to them she survived and placed a curse on anyone who dares to enter her swamp again.

The Underground

For years, mining was once one of the most lucrative occupations. Underneath the town of Killen, lurks a danger long forgotten. Instead of stumbling across gold... they found something else. It was quickly learned that breathing in the substance they discovered would change you. Now, in the abandoned underground, mutated miners and creatures roam unable to escape... Just like you.