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What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is a divorce proceeding in which you and your spouse agree to proceed with a divorce and are in agreement with regards to all of the major marital issues. If the two of you are fighting, we recommend obtaining the services of a qualified attorney. However, with good communication and agreement on outstanding matters - an uncontested divorce is a great option to keep the process civil, simple, and affordable.

What is the total cost for my divorce?

Our expert matrimonial specialists draft your complete divorce documents starting at $499. This includes all documents necessary to obtain a no-fault, uncontested divorce. In addition, you'll also pay the standard court filing fees as estimated below (paid directly to the clerk by following our easy instructions). Easy, simple, and affordable! New York Court Fees $335 New Jersey Court Fees $300 (or $325 with kids) Ready to get started? Click Start My Divorce now and let ezDivorce make your divorce simple and affordable!

Does my spouse need to sign the documents?

Your spouse is not legally required to sign the divorce documents. However, in order to use our services, you and your spouse will both need to sign the documents in front of a notary (you can find a notary at your local bank.)

I have children and property, can I use your service?

Absolutely. Our experts will incorporate your terms into a Property Settlement Agreement that becomes part of your divorce.

I've seen others offer divorces for cheaper, why should I choose ezDivorce?

We've also seen others offer divorces at hard-to-believe prices. How do they do that? What they're not telling you, is that while they may offer 'instant documents' at cheap prices, the documents are either filled in by a computer or arrive incomplete, leaving you without any guidance. Poorly-prepared documents might not reflect the specifics of your case and even worse - possibly get rejected by the court. ezDivorce, on the other hand, uses experienced matrimonial specialists who diligently draft and deliver fully-completed court-ready divorce documents. We never offer 'instant paperwork' because our experts spend time drafting documents specific to your case. Additionally, we offer options for quick turnarounds so that you can receive your properly completed documents when you need them. We do the heavy-lifting - you sign & file! The best part? Our friendly ezDivorce staff are here to assist along the way, ensuring your divorce will be 100% approved by the court.